Candy Corn Halloween Cookies Tutorial

Hello! Here is the very first Cookie decorating tutorial! I’m so exited to show you how you too can decorate wonderful halloween cookies! Join me in Candy Corn Creation!

I really love Candy Corn Cookies, they are so cute! SO I found a few tutorials and decided to do them. My main inspiration is our cover foto by Glorious Treats, be sure to visit her blog!

I will start the tutorial at the point where you actually decorate, everything before will be explained in future tutorials on Royal Icing, Consistency, Mixing Colors….

You want to have all the necessary materials at hand, so make sure to take 10-15 mins to prep your area. What I usually do is take out my royal icing (which I have previously made and colored) and allow it to get to room temperature. It is very important to not try and thin it out until it has been out of the fridge for a while. If you do so, when the icing reaches a temperate state it will become more liquidy and not be at the consistency you intended. While the icing is resting, I prepare my station, and lay out my cookies on a cookie sheet.

This is what my typical decorating area looks like, although as you can see I am about half way already! But I wanted you to see how it looks.
You will need the following:

  1. Pre made Candy Corn cookies (not warm!)
  2. Tips 1 and 2
  3. Royal Icing 10 second consistency in Orange, White and Yellow
  4. Royal Icing in 20 second Consistency in Black
  5. Decorating Bottles
  6. Glasses to place Royal Icing Bottles with a damp(but not wet) cloth in the bottom to keep Icing from drying in the tip.
  7. Extra Wet and Dry Cloths or bounty
  8. Toothpicks
  9. Parchment Paper or a paper plate to practice lines…

You start with a 10 second Royal Icing, which is what I usually use to outline and to fill in my cookies. It is firm yet still flows. I fill in my Icing bottles with my colours, in this case white, orange and yellow as well as black in a 20 second Royal Icing consistency (for facial features). Generally I use a tip 2 to outline and fill my cookies, it is large enough to make the flooding a swift job, but small enough to make a not so huge outline. So, I put the tip 2 on the yellow, white and orange icing bottles. For the black I used a tip 1, but if you are starting or even if you find it hard to do the features in a thin straight line, you could try using a 0 or even a 00 tip.

Now on to the decorating! You may want to use an edible marker to divide out your cookies and use as a guide to pipe the outline. I generally trust my hand-eye coordination, but again, if you are starting it is a good tip to try.

KlickitatStreet frankenstein cookie tutorial

Practice making lines in a piece of parchment paper. Clean the tip after each use to prevent smudges and accidents. Outline the white part of the cookie and fill it in. Making sure to use a toothpick to move around the icing on the cookie to prevent air bubbles. I allow it to dry 15-30 mins depending on the humidity and make sure to watch it for bubbles. If any bubbles arise, pop them with the toothpick. After the Icing looks dry, I add in the yellow outline and fill it in. Again, swirl a toothpick and watch for air airbubbles.

DSC_0777 copy

Allow the icing to dry 15-30 mins. Once it has dried add inn the orange icing outline. Allow this to dry in order to ensure no spreading or flowing over of the orange royal icing into the white or yellow.


Fill in with orange and allow the cookie to dry completely before adding in the eyes and mouth. It is important you are sure it is dry, I usually allow an overnight drying time. If you add in the eyes and mouth too soon, the black in the icing will bleed into the base icing and ruin your cookie.

IMG_9326 copy

Finally, I add in some faces!! As original and as cute as can be! Cool trick for eyes to look more cartoon like, put in the white dot and wait 5 seconds and put on the black in the eyes, this will cause them both to merge.

I also made a few mini Candy Corn Cookies with a small triangle cutter, and added a little border to make them look sharp!
I am including a few tutorials from around the web that I think are fantastic and can also help in your candy corn creation fun!


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