Chocolate Cookie tutorial

I really wanted to do this glorious recipe from Sweetapolita, but I couldn’t find dark cocoa powder anywhere. And trust me when I say that I know every baking supply shop in the area (stay tuned for a post on what and where to buy), but no luck, only regular cocoa powder and semi sweet chocolate. But since I was determined to make chocolate sugar cookies I bought a small portion of cocoa powder and a 6 oz bags of semi sweet chocolate morsels.

As soon as I got home I made dinner, researched online for a similar recipe and struk gold! Food Network led the way in my quest for chocolatey goodness! I decided to portion out the ingredients since I opted to do a double batch, and leave the butter/eggs out so they would get to room temperature. Although eager to try the recipe, I would have to wait till missy foo fell asleep to try it out.

In the end most of my baking/decorating is done either during baby Ana Maria’s nap or after she goes to sleep, so I make sure to use the little bits of time she is distracted playing or eating a snack to do prep work (stay tuned for a schedule in tune with my mommy/juggling hours and a regular schedule, so you too can pull off my magnificent mommy baking skills).

Finally! She was asleep. It seemed as though she was taking extra long to go to sleep, or maybe it was my longing for chocolate sugar cookies. As I mentioned in an earlier blog I am on an ever-long diet and I allow myself one sweet treat a day, which usually includes a glass of milk and a Fiber One Crunchy Chocolate Chip Cookie, which is one of the most delicious diet cookies I’ve tasted, but I’ve steered off topic… So I usually have a treat every night after dinner, but anticipating the chocolate sugar cookies and knowing I HAD to taste them, I decided to not have my treat and instead taste my cookies!

And of I went! I followed the recipe to a tee, making sure to beat my eggs a bit before incorporating them(if not this would turn into a cookie turned brownie recipe). The moment came when I had to add my melted chocolate! Resisting the temptation to eat a few morsels of semi sweet goodness, i popped them in the microwave and zoom, 30 seconds later and out they came. They were still not melted, so another thirty and zoom, BURNT! Ahhh! What to do!! Then I remember I had some chocolate morsels left over from the brownies recipe and thankfully just over 6 oz. I snuck a few, just to make sure they hadn’t gone bad (yeah right!), and put the rest into the microwave. Reluctant to burn it again, I ended up adding it to the batch when melted but not liquidy. Word to the wise… the best way to melt chocolate is in a double boiler, not in the microwave! (Tutorial on double boiler soon to come).

I mixed in everything, careful not to over mix, stopping just as the ingredients are incorporated. Next I portioned out my dough into 4 disks wrapped in plastic wrap. I use this very convenient Wilton Cut and Roll Mat  it helps to roll out everything without making a mess everywhere. I highly recommend it if you don’t have a cook’s kitchen or marble top.


As I was portioning my dough, I noticed it seemed odd. The smell of chocolate in the dough was enchanting, but the texture was somewhat crumbly… Hmmm I ignored the obvious and decided I was going to see this through, besides, I had no more chocolate and given it was in the wee hours of the night I couldn’t buy some more so, I wasn’t about to throw it out!

I popped it in the freezer and went to sleep.

After a night of dreaming of chocolate shaped clouds… I woke up a little earlier than usual and took out the dough so it could cool down, then went back to sleep. When I woke up I immediately went to check the dough and it was ready! Firm yet playable. It is important to have the dough firm so it holds up the shape of the cookie. I dusted my mat with a bit of flour in a sugar shaker(picture below), unwrapped one of my disk and dusted it a bit as well.

flour shaker
I use this sugar shaker for flour, the amount of flour released is very controlled, ideal for use with cookie dough.

As I rolled out the dough my worst nightmare became a reality, the dough was crumbling at my fingertips. Given my limited experience, I did what I usually do with fondant, I worked the dough a bit. This is the opposite of what you generally want to do with cookie dough, it makes it too soft and basically ruins it and the cookies spread out in the oven. Never the less, I had to try something. I literally worked it about 3 seconds, and did so to half the disk at a time. I proceeded to cut my cookies little by little and making sure to dust the cutters and the rolling pin each time I touched the dough.

You can see the cracks in the edges of the dough, usually this wouldn’t happen, but you can lessen it by gently pushing it back together and shaping it back into a more round shape.

First time around they broke apart the moment I tried to pick them up off of the mat and transfer them to my already prepared cookie sheet with parchment paper on top. So I decided to use my Cake Lifter instead, dusted with flour of coarse.


It took me probably three times the amount it usually takes me to roll and cut out cookies, but I did it! Each small batch went into the freezer a few minutes, then into the oven, and then… wait.

I usually stack them up little by little as they freeze and then start the baking process. Each layer has more or less the amount of cookies that go in the oven.
I usually stack them up little by little as they freeze and then start the baking process. Each layer has more or less the amount of cookies that go in the oven.

Yuuuuuuuum, my exact thought when I took a bite of this cookie, and all worries and doubts I had were GONE! All the trouble I had with the dough didn’t matter one bit! Except the cookie fell apart in my hand. The cookies are dark coloured so it was hard to tell if they were done.

When my cookies come out a bit puffy as these dis, I flatten them out a bit by gently rubbing them with my fondant smoother. A little goes a long way! This is done as they come out of the oven, and carefully since they can lose their shape easily if done too hard!

My general rule of thumb is, when it starts to smell good, they are about done, but these cookies apparently were not. I decided to leave the next couple of batches a bit longer, and it was a vast improvement.

I opted to do a few different halloween shapes and practice decorating some new designs I found on the web (stay tuned for tutorial).

Halloween treat basket, available in bunches of 5, 7 and 9, chocolate and/or vanilla sugar cookies.
Halloween Cookie Buckets, available by the dozen in a variety of sizes and designs.

I hope you enjoy the cookies! Please share pictures and your opinion on them! Oh, and if you have any requests or even questions, please comment, and I will be as swift as possible! Look forward to hearing from you! Happy Baking!

This tutorial is based on the execution of the  Chocolate Sugar Cookies recipe.


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