Where it all started…

Every story has a beginning, a middle and an end. Well, my baking story is like any other and like no other as well. It begins somewhere in the middle really, I hope you are still following, someday in a future galaxy far far away I might go back to the beginning, but for now lets start in the middle.

I was completely consumed with the planning of my daughter’s baptism. She was almost one, and I wanted everything to be perfect! I realize that is impossible considering I don’t have a Nanny and I want to say 90% of the time my daughter is with me, if not 100%, but one can dream! So, needless to say it was a bit hectic…specially since I started planning 2 weeks before the event.

First thing on my list were the cookies! I was obsessed with a beautiful cookie display my husband’s twin brother’s wife(that was a mouth full) ordered for their son’s First Communion. They were BEAUTIFUL, and so elegant, so I was determined to get some with my daughter’s name and put them in the same fashion as they did. On my crusade to cookie nirvana, I found a few places that made cookies in all sorts of ways and prices. In all honesty, I kind of felt like I could really do that, and I felt like a chump paying for something I knew I could do, and for a fraction of the price. So I went to all sorts of baking supply stores and investigated about a gazillion million cookie designs.

In the end I went with her name and a few other cute crosses and doves (tutorial coming soon). I also decided I was doing the decoration and I would be doing cupcakes, mini cupcakes and brownies too! We all know no (over achieving) stay at home mom would settle for less than too many things to get done in too little time.


Truth be told, I spent more on supplies than I would have spent on having them made. but that is a whole other story… More on that later.

Either way, this is how I decided to start baking. I would love to hear how you started, or were/are inspired to bake! Please share! Looking forward to hearing your story!



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