Ana squared…

So… I guess I should start by introducing myself! My name is Ana Maria, but you can call me Ana. That is actually a new development. I was forever and always correcting people when they abbreviated my name to Ana, but due to the newest member of the family, pictured below, I am now just Ana, relinquishing my tittle, happily and with complete adoration. But I divert from my intended path… I am Ana. And I am a Mommy, as you might have already guessed, jiji, to a beautiful, bright and very spirited 1 year old girl.

IMG_8894 3
My baby, Ana Maria (just like me!) eating a Nutella Cupcake with Meringue topping… please don’t judge.

My life has forever been changed, and all of my plans and aspirations have taken a slight turn. I am going to spare you my life story and just sum it all up to the facts… I am now a stay at home mommy who LOVES to bake and spread the oooey, gooey, sugary goodness to all! In the afternoons I give tutoring to students in the neighbourhood in anything math or science related. I am also in the battle to loose the baby fat still… 40 pounds to go. So I do a bit of juggling, jeje. Ultimately I feel I live a very gifted life, being able to stay home with my baby is the greatest gift a mother could have! Thanks to the Daddy! Shout out to Daddy and his magnificent art gallery, Roberto Paradise, that inspires us everyday to create! And yes cookie decorating is an art form!!

Anyway, that’s me! Hope you enjoy my blog and follow me so you too can learn everything I know! I will be posting as I learn, and sharing with you the ins and outs of my baking mommy world!


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